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About Big Red Pen

Have you ever come across those people that absolutely can't help but point out your grammatical errors? They know that it annoys people, but they honestly can't help it?

Big Red Pen Editing was formed when I realized that I could make a career out of that.

Originally drawn into this field though my passion for writing, editing started as a hobby. Since then, I have been accredited through Simon Fraser University and have written and edited both small business copy and full-length manuscripts. I have worked for individual authors and bloggers, small- and medium-sized businesses and charities, and for Canada's largest financial institution.

Most importantly, Big Red Pen Editing was born out of a desire to pursue something that I love. I love to edit. That passion, combined with my expertise and professionalism, will be what takes your written work from good to incredible.

Want to know more? Let's chat about how Big Red Editing Services can help you.